Alvin Lee Guitar Tab - Religion

Tab by Martin Roulston

Standard Tuning |----------------| = 1 bar in 4/4 time 

Bar the A chord at the 5th fret and keep it for the D 
Use 4th finger to play the C note (8) 
 A                D                D                A 

 A                          D 
I never really understood religion 
  D                              A 
Except it seems a good excuse to kill 
  A                           D 
I never really could make a decision 
  D                           A 
I don't suppose I ever really will

I can't relate to any power structure 
Where ego is the driving energy 
I let mine go a long, long time ago, now 
When I decided that I would be free 

The only thing I understand is living 
The biggest sacrifice is death 
And once you're dead there's nothing left for giving 
So life means fighting for your every breath