Alvin Lee Guitar Tab - 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain

Tab by Martin Roulston

|----------------| = 1 bar in 4/4 time 
Standard Tuning 

 E                  D                C#m            Bm    E 

I want to know you 
I want to show you 
I want to grow you 
Bm        E 
Inside of me 

I want to see you 
I want to free you 
I want to be you 
Inside of me 

E E E E (4 Bars) 

A (pluck chord)   G (pluck chord)  E 

Love    me        50000 miles brain 
Love    me        50000 times&then again 

E E E E (4 Bars) 

|----------------|----------------|repeat X 4 
|------------5h7-|hold------------|last time keep hammering 5h7 

Build into E D A E (4 bars) 
E                       D 
 Can you love me with a thousand eyes 
A                             E 
 Can you see right through my bones? 

Can you kiss me with a thousand lips 
Can you melt a solid stone? 

Can you hear me from a thousand miles 
When you're screaming at the stars? 

Can you pull me up to Jupiter   when I'm 
All hung up on Mars? 

Burn my eyes so, with your flame 
Let your world spin   free 

Let it go, babe    I'll do the same 
All depends on me 

Let it go      it's all the same 
What with jewels that you can't see 

Love me, love me, love me, love me love me, babe 
Bring it on home to me 

Wanna view? my soul to yours 
Come on babe, come on back to me 

Oh now.. etc ad lib vocals and into solo