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The Ten Years After Music Lover's Society "Palantir"
Alvin Lee Fan Club's "Rock On"

The original Ten Years After Fan Club, The Ten Years After Music Lover's Society was run by Vicky Page and published a series of multi page newsletters, titled Palantir, from 1968 - 1971. The newsletters featured tour schedules and information, articles, letters and poems from the TYA members, and a section devoted to poems sent in by fans. .

The issues of Palantir are now available on, (with special thanks to Les Bamber). Please use the menu at left to navigate and enjoy this unique look back at the band's early days.

In the 1990's, the Alvin Lee Fan Club began publishing an expanded newsletter titled Rock On. Rock On strongly relied on fan club members to send letters and photos and offered both original and reprinted classic articles, guitar tabs and more,

We'll be selecting some of our favorite pages from Rock On. Start now with Recollections from Alvin Lee's mother, a uniquely personal look at the guitarist.....and check back soon for more!