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October 27, 2017

New release available now!
an amazing show performed by Alvin Lee & Co
on January 18th 1975
Live At The Academy Of Music New York
get it here

January 15, 2018

TYA BOX SET soon available through the usual outlets- i.e. Amazon

Alvin Lee Merchandise...DISCONTINUED...

December 7, 2014

Alvin's family has added a journal in order to get news and messages directly to Alvin's fans. Please access it here - by subscribing, they'll be able to deliver updates directly to your email address.

May 06, 2014.....
Today marks the much anticipated launch of Alvin Lee's Digital White Label campaign.

For those of you who don't know, Alvin was working on this platform with his daughter Jasmin before he sadly passed away. DWL was designed to be an artist friendly way of releasing music with massive benefits for the fans too. It's based around a monthly audio track release for the period of 12 months providing exclusive content which has never been seen or heard before; a new breed of fan club where the artist feeds content directly to their fans.

For Alvin's campaign, there are exciting exclusives such as unseen photos, audio clips from his memoirs, some drawings and notebook doodles from his personal collection, lots of Big Red goodies, exclusive links to merchandise available to subscribers months before general release, and lots more. And of course this all revolves around the release of Alvin Lee & Company, Live From The Academy New York 1975. We hope you guys will enjoy this!

Go and subscribe to launch this great platform and play a part in providing Artists with an avenue to release content to their fans in a new exciting and beneficial way.

02/04/14 Coming Soon! Alvin Lee Alvin Lee & Company - Live at the Academy of Music (New York, 1975 )& subscription fan club. Subscribe early to receive a 10% discount. Visit Digital White Label now.

12/13/13 News from ALVIN LEE Official

Well guys and girls, it is Friday and as promised we have some exciting news for you!!

First up, we have the new release "Alvin Lee & Company - Live at the Academy of Music (New York, 1975)."

As most of you know, we very sadly lost Alvin this year. He was working on this release with his daughter Jasmin before his passing and although it has taken a while, we have been able to make this a commemorative release that includes some personal gems to make it very special and unique.

Coming early next year, it features a rare line up including Ian Wallace, Mel Collins, Brother James, Ronnie Leahy, Steve Thomson, Donnie Perkins & Juanita Franklin.

It will be available to you all via an exciting new digital music platform launching early 2014.

Digital White Label is a subscription based artist fan club that as a member you will receive a track once a month along with other exclusives for your enjoyment.

For Alvin's release you can expect the following:

  • Alvin Lee & Co -Live at the Academy of Music '75.
  • Unseen photos from Alvin's personal slide collection.
  • Audio clips from his memoirs.
  • Interactive 360 degree photo of "Big Red"
  • Big Red Fanzine.
  • A documentary feat. interviews with friends & family.
  • Exclusive links to bespoke merchandise items available to DWL fans months before they are available to others.
Links will be live next week for early discounted sign up to this service, so stay tuned for further updates via our Facebook page and you can also follow us on Twitter (@TYA_AlvinLee).

September 17, 2013

On May 28, 2012 Alvin Lee played what sadly proved to be his last live show at a festival in Raalte Holland.

Backed by Pete Pritchard on bass and Richard Newman on drums, Alvin and the band were described by all in attendance as being on fire that night, playing one of the finest shows of his long and impressive career.

Luckily the show was recorded in it's entirety, and now, thanks to the efforts of his family, we all get the opportunity to experience the magic of Alvin Lee one more time.

Available now on Rainman Records

Order your copy now at

June 6, 2013 =- Alvin Lee Official - the Facebook page run by Alvin's family has announced that a new release of a 1975 Alvin Lee & Company live concert will be released soon in a new format that Alvin worked on with his daughter Jasmin. Stay tuned for details!

June 7, 2013 - Catch the new book by Mylon LeFevre, Live Forever. Mylon, who recorded On The Road to Freedom with Alvin and a host of musical greats, is a renowned Christian singer and minister at churches throughout the United States with his wife Christi. The book tells the story of Mylon's ministry, detailing his journey from his rock and roll days and sharing stories and photos of his time with Alvin Lee. The book's acknowledgents include this "Thank you Alvin Lee for being a real friend, a good dreamer and a great guitarist... Thank you for giving me a safe haven at your home in England. Without your friendship and generosity, I'm not sure I would have lived through that dark season of my life".

ALVIN LEE . December 19th 1944 - March 6th 2013

Please read tributes to Alvin from his peers and fans here.

28 August, 2012. Alvin's newest CD, Still On the Road to Freedom has been released on Rainman Records in the USA and in Europe on Repertoire Records.

The album takes listeners on a trip through time, embracing Alvin's love of roots music with everything from rock n' roll to blues to jazz to funk, led by his outstanding guitar work and a delicious groove that adds a cohesiveness to the varied styles. Still On the Road to Freedom is available at online retailers and in stores, or download it from iTunes.


1. Still On The Road To Freedom,
2. Listen To Your Radio Station,
3. Midnight Creeper,
4. Save My Stuff,
5. I'm A Lucky Man,
6. Walk On, Walk Tall,
7. Blues Got Me So Bad,
8. Song Of The Red Rock Mountain,
9. Nice & Easy,
10. Back In 69,
11. Down Line Rock,
12. Rock You,
13. Love Like A Man 2.

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Alvin Lee
Johnny Winter

The two guitar legends are on the same venue for the first time since 1983

Olympia Hall, Paris France

Sunday 07 April 2013 19h00

This concert will now be played in tribute to Alvin with Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Tommy Emmanuel, Robben Ford & Johnny Gallagher. A moment of reflection for Alvin Lee will coincide with the start of the show.

More News........

8 May 2012. Best of Alvin Lee, a new compilation CD containing classic Alvin Lee tracks has been released by Repertoire Records