Covers of Alvin Lee Songs & Alvin Lee Tribute Songs

Alvin Lee isn't just a great guitar player, he also is a prolific songwriter, having composed most of the songs he has recorded over the years. Following are covers of his songs done by other musicians, as well as songs that were written in tribute to him.
Thanks to David Picciirilli who researched and compliled this list.

Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin (2007) (CD: Premier Artists): One of These Days

Matt Turk - Washington Arms(2006) (CD: Turktunes) : I'd Love to Change the World

Leslie West - Blue Me(2006) (CD: Blues Bureau Int'l) : I Woke Up This Morning

Gregory Tsatsos - Ten Years After(2005) (CD: independant production) : I'd Love to Change the World (Part 1), I'd Love to Change the World (Part 2)

Beautiful Bobby Blackmon - Travelin' Home(2005) (CD: B3) : The Bluest Blues

Schenker Pattison Summit - The Endless Jam Continues(2005) (CD: Shrapnel) :I'd Love to Change the World

Various Artists - Funk Mode: Undiscovered Funk Gems From The Far Corners Of The Globe(2005) (CD: Scenario) : Love Like a Man

Cormac Cleary - Cormac(2004) (CD: Sonic Voodoo, LLC) : I'd Love to Change the World

Mike Tramp - Songs I Left Behind(2004) (CD: Frontiers) : Think About the Times

Conny Bloom - Been There Done What? (live)(2003) (CD: Feed Back Boogie) : I'm Going Home

The Robert Lee Band - The Robert Lee Band(2001) (CD: Bullfrog) : The Bluest Blues

Jimmy LaFave - Texoma(2001) (CD: Bohemia Beat) : Rock & Roll Music to the World

Los Gusanos - I'd Love to Save the World(1994) (CD Single: Alternative Tentacle) : I'd Love to Save the World

L.A. Guns - Vicious Circle(1991) (CD: Polygram) : I'd Love to Change the World

Sister Red - Sister Red(1991) (CD: Vision) : I'd Love to Change the World

Half Japanese - We Are Those Who Ache With Amorous Love (1990) (CD: Tec Tones) : Going Home

The Accused - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told(1988)(CD: Relativity) :I'd Love to Change the World

Terry & The Pirates - Too Close For Comfort(1979-LP/1994-CD) (CD: Legend Music) : I'm Writing You a Letter

King Biscuit Boy - Badly Bent(1976-LP/1996-CD) (CD: Stony Plain) : I'm Writing You a Letter

Buffalo - Only Want You For Your Body(1974-LP/2004-CD) (CD: Akarma) : I'm Coming On

Slade - Slade Alive! (live)(1972-LP/1991-CD) (CD: Polygram International) : Hear Me Calling

Kydd - You Need Love Love Love(1975) (45-rpm Single: Dart) : You Need Love, Love, Love

Galleta - Galleta(1975) (LP: RCA) : I Wanted to Boogie, You're Driving Me Crazy

The Leopard Band- The Most Beautiful Songs of Alvin Lee(1975) (LP: Motors Records) : Working On the Road, Rock & Roll Music to the World, Covention Prevention, One of These Days, Me and My Baby, You Can't Win Them All, Choo Choo Mama, Love Like a Man, Standing at the Station, Tomorrow I'll Be Out of Town, Positive Vibrations, You Give Me Loving

Beatless Sense Mongers - (1975) : I'd Love to Change the World

Dave Edmunds - Riff Raff/I Hear You Rockin'(live)(1984-Riff Raff (LP/2002-CD) CD: BGO) : Hang On (Gould)

Raging Slab - The Dealer(2001) (CD: TeePee Records) : Good Mornin' Li'l Schoolboy (reworking of TYA's version of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl)

Masayoshi Takanaka - Woodchopper's Ball(1994) (CD - Japan) : Woodchopper's Ball (reworking of TYA's version of Woodchopper's Ball)

The Good - Milky White(1997) (CD) : Ten Years After (an answer to I'd Love to Change the World); ay, sent a ferret (anagram for Ten Years After - the intro to I'd Love to Change the World played backwards)

The Jack Falk Project - Blues Guitar Tributes(2000) (CD) : Tribute to Alvin Lee

Mary - Day of Infamy(1991) (CD: Atomic Mouse Recordings) : Alvin Lee

Son of Hog - Blues & Other Hues(2002) (CD: Fraternity Records) : Who the Hell Is Alvin Lee?

Candace Anderson - Talking to a Tennessee Moon(1992,re-released 2005) (CD) : Alvin Lee (coincidence?)

Arran Bede - Gossamer Mansion(1994) (CD: Lochshore) : Alvin Lee (coincidence?)