Alvin Lee Fan Community

NEW!! Check out the newest guitar tab of Love Like a Man...thanks to Armin Wimmer

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Some of our friends (and some of their favorite things)...

Pieter Kentrop on stage with Little Boy Blue & the Blue Boys with special guest appearances by Lisa Fisher and Bernard Fowler and Blondie Chaplin of the Rolling Stones. Pieter is the tall blond in the spotlight. Watch the band on You Tube

Some of Dale Manning's favorite things...
Black Gibson Custom Shop Es335 Alvin Lee model & Red Heritage 535 Alvin Lee model
Visit Dale'slastFM page

Eric Grivel and Jane
Dave Mayberry "Hustler"
Dave May's band, Hustler. c. 1975

Milos Pavlovic - Check out some of his tabs on the Guitar Tab pages

Borje Hagsten. Watch his video inspired by the Magical Hystery Tour thread on the Message Board