Alvin Lee - The Solo Years

1973: Alvin records On The Road to Freedom with Mylon LeFevre and a host of rock great.

1974. March - On a dare, Alvin Lee assembles a group of musicians and singers and forms Alvin Lee & Company to play at London's Rainbow Theatre on the 22nd. The performance is released as In Flight.

1975: Pump Iron is released

1976: Alvin prepares an album called Saguitar but decides not to release it. Most of the songs are eventually used on other recordings.

1977: TYA sans Ric Lee get back together in Alvin's studio but no album is ever released.

1978: Alvin puts together a powerhouse trio with Mick Hawksworth on bass and Tom Compton on drums and TEN YEARS LATER is born. They release Rocket Fuel. Chrysalis Records releases "Let it Rock"

1979: Ride On, the second TYL album, is released.

1980: Alvin changes musical direction again and forms Alvin Lee Band. Free Fall is released

1981: RX5 is released, also with Alvin Lee Band

1983: Alvin reunites with TYA for the 20th Anniversary of the Marquee Club, as well as a festival in Reading. Nothing more comes of the brief reunion, but a video "Live at the Marquee" and later a CD "Live at Reading" are released.

1985: After an absence from recording of several years, Alvin is back with a brilliant rock album "Detroit Diesel"

1988: An instrumental by Alvin, "No Limit" is a stand-out on the Night of the Guitars tour and subsequent Guitar Speak LP., released in 1989

Ten Years After is brought back together for a series of summer festivals. Playing to large enthusiastic audiences, they decide to keep the reunion going.

1989: August: About Time is released.

October: TYA tour the US
1991: Deciding their reunion was no longer "fun", the members of TYA go their separate ways again.

Chrysalis releases the Essential Ten Years After, which becomes the definitive compilation album.
1992: Alvin is back recording "solo". Zoom is released.

1993: Rockspective, a video featuring unreleased TYA/Alvin Lee clips and an in-depth interview with Alvin, is released.

1994: The CD 1994 is released in Europe early in the year. It follows in the US in November, under the title I Hear You Rockin' . Alvin tours the U.S. with Nine Below Zero as his back-up band.

1995: Pure Blues, a compilation CD of both Alvin Lee and Ten Years After songs, is released.

1996: Live in Vienna by Alvin Lee is released. Detroit Diesel is reissued on CD.

Alvin tours the USA as part of the Best of British Blues
1997: May/June: Ten Years After reunite to play three Scandinavian rock festivals. They decided to "warm-up" for the gigs by playing Brazil for the first time in their careers.

October: A compilation of Alvin Lee & TYA titles is released, SOLID ROCK. It contains three previously unreleased titles.
1998: The year begins with all original TYA members Alvin Lee, leo Lyons, Ric Lee and Chick Churchill - signing with a new manager.

August: They play various festivals, including making a triumphant return to the United States to play at "A Day At The Garden", a three day music festival held on the same field in Bethel NY as the original Woodstock Festival of 1969.
November: Repertoire Records reissues "In Flight" and "Pump Iron" on CD

1999: January: Repertoire releases "Let it Rock", "FreeFall" and "RX5" on CD

Summer: TYA take to the festival circuit in Europe again.
August/Sept: TYA tour the United States

2000: Once again, TYA go their separate ways. Alvin goes back on the road with Alvin Lee Band.

2001: EMI Records releases Ten Years After - Live at the Fillmore East and remasters and reissues several of the band's albums with bonus tracks

2002: Alvin Lee - The Anthology is released

2003: Alvin travels to Nashville to record with Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana of the original Elvis Presley band

2004: In Tennessee is released. Alvin returns to touring with an extensive tour of the United Kingdom, including a performance at London's Royal Albert Hall

2005: Gibson presents the Alvin Lee Signature Guitar

2007: Saguitar is released.

2012: Still On the Road to Freedom is released